Scammers Set to Cash In on iPad Mini

Tim Cook shows off the new iPad Mini (Image credit: Apple)

With another Apple product launch comes another inevitable round of scams that prey on Apple fans' never-ending quest for up-to-the-minute info on yet-to-be-released products.

Scammers began invoking iPhone 5 rumors to hook victims even before the iPhone 4S was released. While Apple's tablets aren't as popular as its phones, they're still really, really popular, and the advent of the iPad Mini presents cybercriminals with an opportunity they aren't going to pass up.

Simply Googling the phrase "iPad mini" today (Oct. 23) briefly brought up a spam link as the fourth result. But that quickly changed.

It appeared as if a legitimate news link had its URL hijacked for just a moment. Pretty soon the objectionable page had moved, becoming the first link after the news.

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Especially on Apple product launch days, it pays for computer users to be vigilant. Scammers have become very good at creating authentic-looking emails and offers that appear to come from or link to trusted sources but that drop malware onto computers that can cause damage or unwittingly enlist them into participating in other online crime.

Does the email address look familiar, or is something strange about it? What about when you hold the mouse over the URL? Does it go where it's supposed to? These are questions all Apple fans should be asking themselves while surfing for news as Apple's newest products prepare to hit stores.

The base model of the iPad Mini will retail for $329.

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