Surreal Photo Shows 'Belt of Venus' In Our Pink Sky

Belt of Venus from Finland
Trees covered in snow create a surreal arctic landscape from the FInnish Lapland as the Belt of Venus stretches in the background. (Image credit: Niccolò Bonfadini)

Giant trees cloaked in snow stand guard as the atmospheric blush known as the belt of Venus glows in the background of this surreal skywatching photo.

Astrophotographer Niccolò Bonfadini took this stunning picture in the Finnish Lapland in the winter of 2011. With the sun rising behind the photographer, the Belt of Venus is the pinkish streak caused by the atmosphere reflecting light from the setting or rising sun — giving the reddish hue.

Below the belt, the atmosphere appears dark because almost no light can reach it. The blue sky is reflected above. The belt of Venus is a common sight that can be seen from any location as long as there is a clear horizon.

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Nina Sen
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