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Robot Bakery Can Recognize Pastries

Robot Bakery
A Tokyo bakery is testing out a robotic system that can recognize and price pastries or sandiwches. (Image credit: DigInfo News)

Robots may still have trouble recognizing the face of John Connor during the rise of the machines, but they'll have no problems terminating pastries or baked goods on sight.

A new robotic system in a Tokyo bakery can automatically identify and ring up the prices of different pastries or sandwiches on a tray, according to DigInfo News. But the Japanese machine won't replace human workers — it can actually help new or part-time workers because they don't have to remember the names for different bakery goods.

The system had to learn several patterns for each type of good to account for differences among individual pastries. Sandwiches must face toward the system's camera so that the system can peer inside the sliced halves.

All items identified with high confidence get a green outline in the system. A yellow outline prompts the human worker to lend a helping hand by choosing the correct option from several choices — and also provides a learning opportunity for the system to become even smarter.

The system's trial is running until July 28 at the Dominique Guelin bakery near Ochiai Minami-Nagasaki station in Tokyo.

Source: DigInfo News via DVICE

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