Animal Gallery: Fun in the Snow

Red and White

red squirrel in snow

(Image credit: Alexandra Lande | shutterstock)

This bushy-tailed red squirrel, photographed amid the snow in Kiev, Ukraine, has grown in its "winter coat." During the summer, the red squirrel sports a paler gray or ginger coat, but during the winter, it grows reddish brown ear tufts and its back turns a bright, rusty red color.

Sprinting Through the Snow

Amur tiger running in snow

(Image credit: Dennis Donohue | shutterstock)

It is estimated that only about 500 Siberian tigers, also known as Amur tigers, survive in the wild. More than 95 percent of Siberian tigers are now found in Russia.

Snow on the Nose

prairie dog in the snow

(Image credit: Krzysztof Wiktor | shutterstock)

Above, a prairie dog peeks out of a pile of snow. [A Look into the World of Prairie Dogs]

Prairie dogs are native to North America, with the black-tailed prairie dogs found only in the great grassland prairie of North America. Their name is misleading, since they are not dogs at all, but are members of the very large Sciuridae rodent family and are related to squirrels.

Snow Hop

coyote in snow

(Image credit: James Mattil | shutterstock)

This coyote may appear to be frolicking in the snow, but the canine is actually diving into the snow in search of prey. The predators generally hunt at night, but they will sometimes hunt during the day as well. Coyotes are native to the western United States around Montana and Wyoming, but now thrive throughout North America.

Making Tracks

panda in snow

(Image credit: mirounga | shutterstock)

Most people wouldn't associate pandas with snow, but the cold white stuff is quite familiar to the adorable bears, since they mostly live in China. Currently, pandas can be found in six isolated forest areas located in the Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi provinces of China.

Snowy Snuggle

sheep and goat in snow

(Image credit: gengirl | shutterstock)

The above photo captured a sweet moment as a goat and lamb nuzzled together amid the snow.

A Roll in the Snow

horse rolling in snow

(Image credit: Sari ONeal | shutterstock)

The above Arabian stallion is joyfully rolling around and kicking snow into the air. Horse owners can attest that many horses love snow and enjoy frolicking around in it.

Flurries and Fluff

wallaby in snow

(Image credit: S. Dollase-Berger | shutterstock)

The above kangaroo is another animal that's not usually associated with snow. Also known as wallabies, kangaroos are native to Australia — where yes, it does snow in certain areas.

Standing in the Snow

babcat in the snow

(Image credit: visceralimage | shutterstock)

Bobcats can be found in most of the continental United States. Their thick fur, which can be gray, red or brown in color, allows them to withstand extreme cold.

And — of Course — Reindeer!

Reindeer walking in snow

(Image credit: Andreas Gradin | shutterstock)

Reindeer, which are originally from the Arctic and Subarctic, are now widespread and can be found in North America. As we all know, reindeer can be domesticated and are sometimes used to pull sleds.

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