News and information about how the mind works and why memory is such a complex affair.
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Trans Fats May Hurt Memory
image shows a food label
November 20th, 2014
It might be difficult to carefully avoid all of the tasty foods that contain harmful trans fats, but now there's one more reason to try: A new study shows that this type of fat may damage memory in young people.
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Cocoa Compound Staves Off Memory Loss
Dried cocoa beans
October 27th, 2014
Compounds called flavanols, which are found in cocoa beans may reverse the normal age-related memory decline that is normally seen in healthy older adults, researchers say.
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Being Curious Can Boost Your Memory
human mind illustration
October 3rd, 2014
Everyone knows it's easier to learn about a topic you're curious about. Now, a new study reveals what's going on in the brain during that process.
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From Birth to Death, Diet Affects the Brain's Health
Brain Power
November 19th, 2014
Poor diets may adversely affect mental health in all stages of life, from fetal development through old age, a slew of new research shows.
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Mind Maze: How Your Memory Deceives You
An artist's images shows the outline of a human brain within elements of fractals.
October 25th, 2014
Sci-fi loves to mess with memory, but memory misleads in real life, too.
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Neuroticism and Long-Time Stress Linked to Alzheimer's in Women
A middle-age woman looks frustrated or upset.
October 1st, 2014
Women with the personality trait of neuroticism may be at an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests.
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Can People Remember Their Birth?
A nurse cradles a baby.
June 5th, 2014
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Cholesterol-Lowing Drug Reverses Memory Deficit in Mice
An artist's image shows a human brain as a puzzle, with many pieces.
November 10th, 2014
A statin drug which is taken by millions of Americans to lower their cholesterol level may also reverse certain types of learning deficits, according to a new study in mice.
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Taser's 50,000-Volt Jolt Can Mess Up Your Brain
Hand holding a Taser
October 10th, 2014
Can people think straight after getting tased with 50,000 volts? That burst of electricity can impair a person's ability to remember and process information for about an hour after the jolt, new research suggests.
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Memory Making Linked to Gene and Protein, Research Shows
brain’s hippocampus with fluorescent lighting agent

August 19th, 2014
Discovery of the Arc gene and its like-named protein is leading to breakthroughs in how memories form and are recalled as well as giving hope to developing treatments for memory disorders like Alzheimer’s.
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