News and information about how the mind works and why memory is such a complex affair.
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Making Sense of Scents: Why Odors Spark Memory (Podcast)
April 17th, 2015
What makes scent such a powerful tool to "transport" you back in time?
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Arts and Crafts Activities May Stave Off Dementia
An older man works with wood
April 8th, 2015
People who do artistic or crafty activities may have a lower risk dementia, researchers say.
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Diabetes and Depression May Increase Risk of Dementia
A woman with sadness or depression
April 15th, 2015
People with depression or diabetes may face an increased risk of developing dementia, a new study finds.
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Virtual Reality Can Make You Forget Pain
VR game
February 27th, 2015
It may not be too long, however, until patients will be able to ward off their agonies simply by playing virtual reality games.
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Widely Used Drugs Tied to Greater Dementia Risk for Seniors
An artist's drawing of a human mind.
January 26th, 2015
People over age 65 who frequently take over-the-counter sleep aids and certain other commonly used drugs may be increasing their risk of dementia, new findings show.
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Being Too Slim at Midlife May Boost Dementia Risk
An artist's drawing of a human mind.
April 9th, 2015
Being too thin in middle age might be bad for brain health later in life, a new study suggests.
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Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
an ancient jade artifact discovered underwater in Veracruz, Mexico
March 15th, 2015
From technology and how it makes our lives better to forecasting earthquakes in Cali, here are our top ten best articles in Science this week.
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Why Brian Williams May Have Misremembered (Op-Ed)
Brian Williams, memory, helicopter crash
February 14th, 2015
Before condemning Brian Williams as a narcissistic liar, let’s take a closer look at what memory research has to say about false memories and memories of traumatic experiences.
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