Global Warming: News, Facts, Causes & Effects

Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. There is great debate among many people, and sometimes in the news, on whether global warming is real (some call it a hoax). But climate scientists looking at the data and facts agree the planet is warming. While many view the effects of global warming to be more substantial and more rapidly occurring than others do, the scientific consensus on climatic changes related to global warming is that the average temperature of the Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years. The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other human activities, are believed to be the primary sources of the global warming that has occurred over the past 50 years. Scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate carrying out global warming research have recently predicted that average global temperatures could increase between 1.4 and 5.8 °C by the year 2100. Changes resulting from global warming may include rising sea levels due to the melting of the polar ice caps, as well as an increase in occurrence and severity of storms and other severe weather events.
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Latest Articles

Climate Change Sparks Turbulence in Aviation Industry (Op-Ed)
Rows of chairs at an airport gate
July 2nd, 2015
As temperatures warm, so do runways, with troubling results.
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Will Pope Francis' Climate Encyclical Change the World?
Pope Francis, global warming
June 18th, 2015
Pope Francis just released a long document on man's relationship to the Earth, but will his call for action on climate change have an impact?
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Crops and Climate: Plants Will Suffer as Earth Warms (Op-Ed)
Wagga Wagga drought, la nina, el niño, weather
June 10th, 2015
Global warming isn't going to help crops — in fact, in most countries it will destroy them.
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Colorful Arctic Animals Revealed in Thousands of Undersea Images
July 2nd, 2015
New photographs of deep-sea creatures could hold the key to helping predict climate change.
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Pope Francis’ Letter on Climate Change Leaked Early
Pope Francis
June 16th, 2015
Pope Francis's much-anticipated climate change encyclical was leaked early by an Italian paper.
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Climate Plan Will Transform How You Get Your Electricity
electricity, coal power, clean power plan
June 8th, 2015
Four things to know about how the Clean Power Plan will change how you get electricity.
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Jet Stream Steers Atlantic Currents
May 28th, 2015
The jet stream off the East Coast of the United States controls an important climate pattern in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Real Climate Change as World Does More Than 'Show Up' (Op-Ed)
view of Earth and cloud cover
June 23rd, 2015
The climate may change for the better if nations continue to ramp up efforts.
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Polar Bears Now Eat Dolphins, Thanks to Global Warming
An adult male polar bear feeds on the head of a white-beaked dolphin on a fjord on Svalbard,
June 13th, 2015
Faced with a rapidly changing habitat, polar bears are adapting with a new entrée: For the first time, a polar bear was seen preying on a white-beaked dolphin carcass that had been trapped in the ice in Svalbard.
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Has Global Warming Taken a Rest? Not So Fast, Study Suggests
A NOAA analysis using updated global surface temperature data disputes the existence of a 21st  century global warming slowdown.
June 4th, 2015
The global warming hiatus — a decade-plus slowdown in warming — could be chalked up to some buoys, a few extra years of data and a couple buckets of seawater.
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