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Bugs as Treatment: Coming to a Clinic Near You... (Op-Ed)
treatments, alternative treatments, bugs, insects, parasites
October 18th, 2014
When you’re sick, you want the most effective treatment to help get you back on your feet. But what if that involved bugs?
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Forget the Pseudoscience — All Fish Feel Pain (Op-Ed)
sharks, shark week, endangered species
October 17th, 2014
When a shark is caught for sport, it often dies from its injuries — why are sharks not protected the way other animals are?
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Zombies, UFOs & Sea Monsters: 'Mysteries of the Unknown' Reboot (Gallery)
Cover for the new "Mysteries of the Unknown: Inside the World of the Strange and Unexplained,"
October 13th, 2014
Bringing a new perspective to the "mysteries of the unknown."
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FBI Targets Animal Cruelty as a Serious Crime
golden retriever puppy on grey background
October 17th, 2014
Crimes against animals are serious, and now the U.S. government is recognizing them as such.
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How WWI Shaped Modern Air Supremacy
World War I plane
October 16th, 2014
While the use of air power isn’t new, or exclusively dependent on modern and sophisticated technology, how it has been used has changed over time.
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Why I'm Saying 'No' to Drug Reps (Op-Ed)
medication, pharma, drugs, profits
October 11th, 2014
In a for-profit environment, drug research follows potential profits.
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Cancer Patients Finally Get the ER They Deserve (Op-Ed)
 James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
October 10th, 2014
A new type of ER is emerging, one that addresses the added risks faciing cancer patients.
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Epidemic: Killer TB Spreads As Research Plummets (Op-Ed)
October 17th, 2014
Everyone has heard of tuberculosis, but few realize it's an epidemic that's out of control.
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Is Marijuana Harmful? (Op-Ed)
a marijuana joint
October 15th, 2014
As decriminalization efforts take off, scientists aim to understand marijuana's adverse health effects.
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Why Losing Weight is Hard, Not Impossible
Fat and thin man, obesity, weight loss
October 10th, 2014
Most of us have an existing desire to be a normal healthy weight, but not everyone seems able to achieve this goal.
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