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Who Will Prevent the Next Chernobyl? (Op-Ed)
chernobyl, Chernobyl disaster, chernobyl catastrophe, plants decay chernobyl, decomposition, leaf litter
April 25th, 2016
Nuclear disasters are not inevitable — if governments learn the lessons from past meltdowns.
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Designer Medicine Needs More Than Big Data, It Needs New Science (Op-Ed)
Human genome
April 20th, 2016
Science rests on data, of that there can be no doubt.
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Collider Unleashed! The LHC Will Soon Hit Its Stride
Large Hadron Collider
April 12th, 2016
In discovering the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider was groundbreaking, but now the supercollider is about to ramp up to full energy.
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Volatile Sakurajima Volcano is a Lightning Laboratory
Sakurajima Peninsula from Kagoshima City, Japan
April 22nd, 2016
Volcanic lightning is more than flashy — it may help predict eruption dangers at night and during storms.
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How to Photograph Wildflowers
wildflowers, carizzo
April 18th, 2016
Wildflowers are now emerging in stunning landscapes — use these tips to catch the scenes in beautiful photos.
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Why Do People Flock To Exhibits of Dead Humans? (Op-Ed)
Human body exhibit
April 8th, 2016
Since the start of "plastination" in the 1970s, the preserved remains in "Body Worlds" has hosted millions of visitors to its exhibits, including six spin-offs.
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Siblings' Dilemma? Solve Backseat Bickering with Game Theory (Op-Ed)
A brother and a sister fight with each other
April 7th, 2016
Raising kids can be challenging, but a little game theory can help you master the conflicts.
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For Social Work to Work, People Need to Know They Belong (Op-Ed)
A man sits alone on a dock
April 21st, 2016
Social work can change lives, but that requires more than just providing a clean bed and food on the table.
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Why Hope Remains for Saving the World's Largest Gorillas (Op-Ed)
Silverback Grauer's gorilla
April 7th, 2016
With ramped up protection, the enormous Grauer's gorilla can be saved.
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