Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have no human pilot onboard, and instead are either controlled by a person on the ground or autonomously via a computer program. These stealth craft are becoming increasingly popular, not just for war and military purposes, but also for everything from wildlife and atmospheric research to disaster relief and sports photography. Drones are becoming the eyes and ears of scientists by surveying the ground for archaeological sites, signs of illegal hunting and crop damage, and even zipping inside hurricanes to study the wild storms. You can even rent a personal drone to soar above the horizon and snap a photo or video. Our news and features will cover developments in drone technologies, innovative uses for drones and how drone use will impact society.
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Shape-Shifting Drones Could Be Made from Metal-Foam Hybrid
Metal-Foam Hybrid Material
April 8th, 2016
Miniature drones that can morph from flying machines into underwater vehicles by changing the shape of their wings in midair could be a step closer, thanks to a new material that acts as a hybrid between stiff metal and spongy foam.
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Watch a Swarm of Drone 'Lightning Bugs' Swirl Overhead
screen sho
March 1st, 2016
A new generation of drones is pushing the boundaries of what autonomous flyers are capable of, a new TED talk reveals.
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In Images: Drones Take Flight in Antarctica and the Arctic
Arctic drone research in Arctic
January 29th, 2016
Aerial drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Even in the most remote places on Earth, scientists are testing the limits of what these robotic devices can do.
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Holy Drones, Batman! Real-Life 'Batplane' Mimics Flexible Wings
Bat-Wing Drone
March 22nd, 2016
When chasing insects for their dinner, bats can perform aerial acrobatics that would shame even the steeliest test pilots. Inspired by how bats pull off such impressive maneuvers, engineers designed new kinds of wing surfaces for drones.
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Electrifying Drone Race Tests Pilots' Sky-High Skills
Drone Races
March 1st, 2016
With the first round of the Drone Racing League's Level 1 race finished, eight pilots will compete for a spot in the finals.
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Drone's-Eye View: Flying Vehicles Could Monitor Ice in Remote Regions
January 29th, 2016
Drones face a new set of challenges as scientists deploy the remote flying vehicles to create maps of sea ice in some of the most remote locations on Earth.
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Register Your Drones Online: FAA Site Launches Today
man flying drone.
December 21st, 2015
It just got easier to register your recreational drone, as the Federal Aviation Administration's online registry launched today (Dec. 21).
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Mysterious 'Area 6' Landing Strip in Nevada Desert Baffles Experts
satellite images of Area 6
March 7th, 2016
A mysterious landing strip in the remote Nevada Desert could be home to spy plane testing, security experts speculate.
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Dutch Police Deploy Drone-Disabling Birds of Prey
February 3rd, 2016
In the Netherlands, police officers are inaugurating a new species of animal partner — eagles — to take down illegal aerial drones.
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CES 2016: Your Favorite Tech Is Finally Growing Up
The Panono camera, seen at CES 2016, creates 360-degree images in a single shot.
January 5th, 2016
Drones, 3D printing and virtual reality tech are all having coming-of-age moments at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
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