Conservation is a major issue around the world with the impacts that humans have on natural ecosystems through activities from mining, building new cities and global warming. There are many conservation groups and efforts that lobby for the conservation of particular species (for example, the polar bear) or groups of animals (for example, tigers), while others are aimed at entire habitats, such as the Amazon rainforest. Conservation efforts can also aim to protect natural resources. Some conservation is done by setting aside national parks and wildlife preserves, while other conservation works targets specific threats to particular species. Read about various conservation efforts and issues below.
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Will the Everglades, and Its Surprises, Ever Get Full Protection? (Op-Ed)
Nike Missile site Everglades
June 26th, 2015
From world-class wilderness to an abandoned nuke site, the Everglades holds tremendous mystery — all at threat from development.
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Oh, You Deer: Newborn Mini Fawn Is Seriously Cute
A tiny pudu deer.
June 9th, 2015
What's cuter than a baby deer? A baby deer you can hold in the palm of your hand, of course.
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10 Easy Ways to Help Wildlife, Every Day (Photos)
Lowland silverback gorilla zoo, earth day
April 22nd, 2015
Small actions at home can help wildlife around the Earth.
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Fading Florida Panthers Need New Paths to Safety
June 25th, 2015
Florida panthers are getting a lifeline in newly protected territory, but will it be enough?
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Dwindling Large-Mammal Populations Create Ripple Effects
Cute baby white rhino with its mama.
June 5th, 2015
Without elephants, hippos and rhinos, the world will not be the same.
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Post Chimp Work, Jane Goodall's Passion for Conservation Still Going Strong
jane goodall biography, chimpanzees
April 17th, 2015
Jane Goodall, the British primatologist who gained worldwide fame for her studies of wild chimpanzees in East Africa, greeted a packed audience here at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night (April 15) with a series of apelike howls.
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Wildlife Fight to Survive as Forests Burn (Gallery)
Macaws in flight
March 6th, 2015
From macaws to tapirs, wildlife are struggling to survive as landscapes burn.
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NYC Ivory Crush Sends Strong Anti-Poaching Message
Ivory Crush event in Times Square
June 19th, 2015
Some 1,500 people gathered in New York City's Times Square today to witness the destruction of 1 ton of confiscated ivory — a move intended to demonstrate to the world that objects made from poached ivory have no value.
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Say Cheese: Rare Striped Rabbit Photographed
June 5th, 2015
A rare striped rabbit, seen only a handful of times, has peeked out of its tropical forest home, and a graduate student got the chance of a lifetime, holding and photographing the little guy.
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Saving Yangtze Porpoises Can Save China (Gallery)
finless porpoise
March 31st, 2015
There's a reason this porpoise is smiling.
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