Conservation is a major issue around the world with the impacts that humans have on natural ecosystems through activities from mining, building new cities and global warming. There are many conservation groups and efforts that lobby for the conservation of particular species (for example, the polar bear) or groups of animals (for example, tigers), while others are aimed at entire habitats, such as the Amazon rainforest. Conservation efforts can also aim to protect natural resources. Some conservation is done by setting aside national parks and wildlife preserves, while other conservation works targets specific threats to particular species. Read about various conservation efforts and issues below.
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Will Future Generations Preserve the National Parks? (Op-Ed)
Yosemite National Park
August 25th, 2015
What's the best way to maintain U.S. national parks? Show up.
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Photos: Delicate, Disappearing Butterflies of Southern Britain
August 10th, 2015
Photos of butterflies that will likely go extinct by 2050 in southern Britain if their habitats aren't preserved and droughts worsen.
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Will the Everglades, and Its Surprises, Ever Get Full Protection? (Op-Ed)
Nike Missile site Everglades
June 26th, 2015
From world-class wilderness to an abandoned nuke site, the Everglades holds tremendous mystery — all at threat from development.
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Paying for Nature's Bounty? It May be the Cheaper Alternative (Op-Ed)
A woman walks down a road surrounded by tall green trees.
August 13th, 2015
It may seem unusual to pay for something as, well, natural as nature, but a new economic model suggests just that, and it seems to be working, argues Jane Carter Ingram.
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5 Ways Cecil the Lion Helped Scientists Understand Big Cats
Cecil the lion.
August 7th, 2015
Here are a few of the things researchers learned from the lion and his brethren.
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Fading Florida Panthers Need New Paths to Safety
June 25th, 2015
Florida panthers are getting a lifeline in newly protected territory, but will it be enough?
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Dwindling Large-Mammal Populations Create Ripple Effects
Cute baby white rhino with its mama.
June 5th, 2015
Without elephants, hippos and rhinos, the world will not be the same.
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Thirsty Butterflies Disappearing from the UK
August 10th, 2015
Some butterfly species could disappear from southern Britain in the next 35 years if climate change and habitat loss continue, according to new research.
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Wild Beauty: Winning Ecology Photos Feature Sunbirds and Zebras
bmc photos, waterlilies in madagascar
August 3rd, 2015
The winning photos from a recent ecology photo contest prove that Mother Nature is always ready for her close-up.
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NYC Ivory Crush Sends Strong Anti-Poaching Message
Ivory Crush event in Times Square
June 19th, 2015
Some 1,500 people gathered in New York City's Times Square today to witness the destruction of 1 ton of confiscated ivory — a move intended to demonstrate to the world that objects made from poached ivory have no value.
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