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Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Vulnerable to Greenhouse Effect
Exoplanet Orbits Coku Tau 4
February 10th, 2016
A powerful greenhouse effect can destroy a planet's chances of hosting life, a new study suggests.
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Map of Winter Storm Jonas' Wind Shows Destructive Gusts
blizzard wind map
February 2nd, 2016
Winter storm Jonas brought with it record-breaking amounts of snow and winds when it plowed through the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States in late January. Now, scientists at NASA have created a map showing the direction and speeds of the gusts.
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As the World Tackles Climate Change, is Meat Off the Table? (Op-Ed)
red meat, meat
January 29th, 2016
Can climate warming be reversed if diets continue to add more meat?
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Medium-Size Asteroid Strike Could Unleash a Mini Ice Age
Asteroids headed toward Earth
February 9th, 2016
A strike by a medium-size asteroid on land (as opposed to at sea) could cause average global temperatures to plunge to Ice Age levels, and lead to steep drops in precipitation and plant productivity, among other effects, a new study suggests.
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Energy Evolves as Fourth Industrial Revolution Looks to Nature (Op-Ed)
green energy, alternative energy sources, energy saving tips
February 1st, 2016
As we enter a fourth industrial revolution, business may turn sharply towards conservation.
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In Images: Drones Take Flight in Antarctica and the Arctic
Arctic drone research in Arctic
January 29th, 2016
Aerial drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Even in the most remote places on Earth, scientists are testing the limits of what these robotic devices can do.
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Doomsday Clock Stuck at 3 Minutes to Midnight
Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki
January 26th, 2016
The global "Doomsday Clock," which shows how close humans are to global catastrophe, is set to 3 minutes to midnight
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Why Trees Everywhere Break at the Same Wind Speed
aspens, golden quaking aspen
February 5th, 2016
Trees made of hard and soft wood, or of hefty or slender cross-section, all tend to break at roughly the same wind speed, and a new study explains why.
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Five Facts That Reveal a Warming Planet (Op-Ed)
Global Warming
February 1st, 2016
The Earth is getting hotter, people are causing it.
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'Climate Snow Job'? Scientists Respond to Attack on Evidence (Op-Ed)
Jonas dumped quite a bit of snow on Reading, Pennsylvania, seen in this image taken on Sunday, Jan. 24.
January 29th, 2016
The world is warming, and people are causing it, despite the opinions of Patrick Michaels.
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