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Shorebirds Adopt Baby Duckling, Cuteness Ensues
Adopted baby duckling
August 1st, 2014
A family of long-legged shorebirds adopted a fuzzy baby duckling in California's San Francisco Bay.
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What Tiny Drones Can Learn from Hummingbirds
Hummingbird takes flight.
July 30th, 2014
Improving the design of the world's tiniest drones could start with taking a closer look at one of nature's smallest and most efficient flyers, the hummingbird.
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Citizen Science Aims to Clean Up Pacific Plastics
COASST interns size up a plastic bag which can be a hazard for sea turtles
July 28th, 2014
COASST studies seasonal patterns of ocean debris to aid in the clean up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
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World's Largest Flying Bird Was Like Nothing Alive Today
Here, an illustration of what may be the largest flying bird, an extinct beast with a wingspan of 20 to 24 feet (6.1 to 7.3 meters) that flew the skies some 25 million to 28 million years ago.
July 7th, 2014
The largest flying bird known to ever have lived has now been revealed, an extinct giant with a wingspan more than twice as big as that of the largest living flying bird. The bird, researchers say, is like something out of a fantasy novel.
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Closest Living Relative of Ancient Elephant Bird Is Tiny
An adult brown kiwi ( Apteryx australis ) beside the egg of a huge elephant bird ( Aepyornis maximus ).
May 22nd, 2014
Ostriches and their flightless relatives like elephant birds are found across the globe not because continental drift forced them apart, but rather, the ancestors of these birds spread across the world through flight, and only later became flightless.
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Feed the Birds? Not Popcorn and Crumbled Bread (Op-Ed)
July 26th, 2014
Feed the birds — but not bread, crackers and junk food.
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Drastic Drop in Baby Brown Pelicans: Blame El Niño?
Baby brown pelican
June 4th, 2014
California brown pelicans almost completely failed to breed at their nesting sites in Mexico this year.
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