The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
It's difficult to decipher, but this could be a doodle of a person with a cow or a horse.
Credit: Figure 1: LJS 361, Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts, University of Pennsylvania Libraries folio 26r.

Each week we uncover the most interesting and informative articles around, here are 10 of the coolest stories in Science this week.

A slimy robot: Sea slugs might be the future of organic robotics.

[Full Story: This Robot Is Part Sea Slug]

How much marijuana is in that joint? Exactly how much marijuana is in a typical joint may be less than previously thought, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Cutting the Weed: Joints Have Less Marijuana Than Thought]

Shh! Your child is trying to learn: Toddlers may have a harder time picking up new words if there's background noise in their environment, like sounds from a TV or a cellphone conversation.

[Full Story: Why Quiet Is Important for Kids' Learning]

Medieval doodles: The margins of a medieval manuscript from a convent in Naples, Italy, are decorated with doodles of what are apparently devils, a farm animal and a person that were likely drawn by children, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Children's Doodles Found in Margins of Medieval Manuscript]

A witch prison found: A 15th-century chapel in the Scottish city of Aberdeen was equipped as a prison for accused witches snared during the city's "Great Witch Hunt" in 1597.

[Full Story: 'Witch' Prison Revealed in 15th-Century Scottish Chapel]

Alcohol linked to 7 cancers: Drinking alcohol may cause seven different types of cancer, a new meta-analysis finds.

[Full Story: Alcohol Can Cause Certain Cancers, Study Says]

Pyramid-building log: A logbook that contains records detailing the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza has been put on public display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

[Full Story: Ancient Logbook Documenting Great Pyramid's Construction Unveiled]

How drugs affect your moral compass: People who use cocaine or methamphetamine on a regular basis may have differences in those brain regions that are involved in choosing between right and wrong, compared to people who don't use these drugs, according to a new study of prison inmates.

[Full Story: Cocaine & Meth Use May Erode Moral Compass: Study]

Atomic memory device created: A new "atomic memory" device that encodes data atom by atom can store hundreds of times more data than current hard disks can, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Tiny 'Atomic Memory' Device Could Store All Books Ever Written]

Looking for aliens: Alien life may not live by our rules, it's time we appreciate that as we look to the stars for signs of alien biology.

[Full Story: SETI Seeks Ideas to Hunt Strange Alien Lifeforms]

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