The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
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Each week we uncover the most interesting and informative articles around, here are 10 of the coolest stories in Science this week.

A jelly laser? Fluorescent proteins from jellyfish that were grown in bacteria have been used to create a laser for the first time, according to a new study.

[Full Story: New Laser Created from Jellyfish's Fluorescent Proteins]

Connected contact lens: Apps allow you to link your smartphone to anything from your shoes, to your jewelry, to your doorbell — and soon, you may be able to add your contact lenses to that list.

[Full Story: Smartphone-Connected Contact Lenses Give New Meaning to 'Eye Phone']

Magic shoes found: The "magic" shoe was probably placed there during renovations between the end of the 1600s and the middle of the 1700s as a way to ward off evil spirits.

[Full Story: 300-Year-Old Secret 'Lucky' Shoe Found in Cambridge University Wall]

World's 1st pyramid? The discovery of a 3,000-year-old pyramid-shaped mausoleum in Kazakhstan has gone viral over the past 24 hours, with several media outlets proclaiming the structure to be the world's first pyramid.

[Full Story: No, That Ancient Mausoleum Is Not the 'World's 1st Pyramid']

Why fish pee is critical to oceans: Getting peed on is a good thing, at least for coral reefs, scientists have found.

[Full Story: Coral Reefs Flourish Thanks to … Fish Pee?]

When cockroaches spread their wings: Turns out the soaring heat is just what some cockroaches need to spread their wings … literally.

[Full Story: Flying Cockroaches! Heat Sends Your Favorite Pests Soaring]

When strollers injure: More than 360,000 children ages 5 or younger went to the ER for stroller- or carrier-related injuries from 1990 to 2010, a new study finds.

[Full Story: Serious Head Injuries from Baby Strollers on the Rise]

Nazi gold train search: Amateur explorers are starting to dig in Poland, hoping they will discover a gold-filled Nazi train thought to be the stuff of local lore. But does this train even exist?

[Full Story: Search for Mythical Nazi Gold Train Resumes]

Medical marijuana conundrum: The federal government says more research on marijuana is needed before the drug could become legal. But studying marijuana is exceedingly difficult because the drug is illegal.

[Full Story: New Medical Marijuana Policy Is a Catch-22, Researchers Say]

A headache drug may affect developing baby: Women who take acetaminophen during pregnancy may be more likely to give birth to children who later develop behavioral problems, a new study from England finds.

[Full Story: Kids' Behavior Linked to Moms' Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy]

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