The Western Martial Art of the Sword (Gallery)

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Credit: Academie Duello 
Sebastien de Castell contributed these images to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.
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his first novel, "Traitor's Blade," which incorporates a tremendous amount of armed combat. As the director of strategic program development at the Vancouver Film School and a former fight choreographer and actor, de Castell brought his knowledge of swordfighting technique to the pages of the novel, capturing the art and science of swordplay.
See images from his colleagues at the Academie Duello below, and read more about his approach to choreographing swordplay on the page and on stage in his essay, "Storytellers of the Blade: Accuracy in Swordplay," and this excerpt from "Traitor's Blade." Author's Note: Photos provided by Academie Duello - Centre for Swordplay & Western Martial Arts -    Less «
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