The Live Science merch store is back with more science-y gear

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The editors and reporters at Live Science love to geek out over the cutest pic of a tardigrade or the latest discovery hiding under the Antarctic ice … or a newfound particle that could, dare we say, explain the invisible substance called dark matter. And, of course, we like to show off our science-enthusiasm in T-shirts, mugs, stickers and more.

We figured our readers would also be jazzed to show off their nerdy inner selves. Enter the Live Science Store! And we just re-launched it with even more science-y merchandise.

Check out the Live Science store.

Check out all our science gear, from T-shirts to sweatshirts to tote bags and even onesies (yes, for the little one that will surely reach for the stars). In addition to merch with the Live Science logo, there is plenty of science-themed apparel as well as other items. Take our Disco Tardigrade design: It reminds us of actual microscopic images looking at the insides of these pudgy water bears.

One of our favorites is the "Birds are Dinosaurs" merch, because we are surrounded by dinosaurs (here's how we know). And the dino-bird is super cute (and purple, the editor-in-chief’s favorite color). The store also carries tote bags and Live Science stickers. The apparel comes in adult, kids and baby sizes.

We also are offering cloth face masks in four different prints: birds are dinosaurs, disco tardigrades, chemical elements and knitting dinosaurs. The masks, which have a polyester exterior and an interior cotton lining, are non-medical-grade; $1 from each mask sale will be donated to a nonprofit to help feed children in need.

Live Science's official store

Live Science's official store

Spread science with all this merchandise in the Live Science store.

Now through Aug. 10, get 10% off any purchase using the code SCIENCE10. Let us know if there's anything you’d like to see in the store that isn't currently for sale — you can do that on the Live Science Forums

We hope you enjoy!

Jeanna Bryner
Live Science Editor-in-Chief

Jeanna served as editor-in-chief of Live Science. Previously, she was an assistant editor at Scholastic's Science World magazine. Jeanna has an English degree from Salisbury University, a master's degree in biogeochemistry and environmental sciences from the University of Maryland, and a graduate science journalism degree from New York University. She has worked as a biologist in Florida, where she monitored wetlands and did field surveys for endangered species. She also received an ocean sciences journalism fellowship from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.