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Idaho: Latest updates on Coronavirus

Sun Valley in Idaho.
Sun Valley in Idaho.
(Image: © Shutterstock)

Last updated on March 29 at 7:14 p.m. E.D.T.

Idaho currently has 310 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to Idaho public health officials. The state has tested 4,706 people for the virus. 1,567 were tested at the Idaho Bureau of Laboratories, which includes 5 out-of-state residents. 3,139 people were tested through commercial laboratories but some may have been tested multiple times.  

On March 29, Idaho public health officials also disclosed that there has been another coronavirus-related death in the state, the sixth total. There has been two fatalities in Ada County, two in Blaine County, one in Canyon County and one in Nez Perce County. 

Idaho Gov. Brad Little issued a 21-day order on March 25 for residents of the state to stay home unless they need essentials, according to the Idaho Statesman. Essential businesses like grocery stores, restaurants for take-out, pharmacies, financial institutions and more will remain open. Outdoor exercise is permitted while maintaining social distancing (at least six feet).

The Idaho State Journal reports that medical supplies are being called for by the Southeastern Idaho Public Health. They are looking for medical grade gloves, N95 or surgical masks, disinfectant and hand sanitizer for health care workers and first responders.


Misinformation is very dangerous during this global health crisis. The Idaho Statesman has reported on how the state of Washington is handling the rumors that are being spread about COVID-19.  Washington state has one of the highest amounts of positive cases in the United States. 

The Idaho State Journal has also reported on who has been prioritized by the healthcare system in Southeast Idaho for COVID-19 testing.  

Cases by county:    

  • Ada County: 113
  • Blaine County: 115
  • Teton County: 2 
  • Twins Falls County: 3
  • Madison County: 2
  • Kootenai County: 13
  • Canyon County: 40
  • Bingham County: 1
  • Valley County: 1
  • Cassia County: 1
  • Bannock County: 3
  • Idaho County: 1
  • Nez Perce County: 4
  • Payette County: 1
  • Fremont County: 1
  • Jefferson County: 2
  • Custer County: 1
  • Lincoln County: 1
  • Bonneville County: 1
  • Gem County: 3
  • Owyhee County: 1

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  • toomuchmoney
    Blaine county is a small area. We should be told where the cases are since so many people know each other there. Quit being so secretive idiots! No privacy allowed for something like this.
  • Paula in Montana
    toomuchmoney said:
    Blaine county is a small area. We should be told where the cases are since so many people know each other there. Quit being so secretive idiots! No privacy allowed for something like this.
    I personally would like to know exactly where to totally 'avoid' ... and understand your (our) desire to know, but... (im next door in W-Mont.) Our county has only 1. Due to HIPAA, ALL medical records are totally private / sealed, and for good reason, think of the grocery store and the ill logic over toilet paper and all paper products... take that type logic and advertise the location of what is driving ppl to be irrational, ppl are right on that ledge due to fear both real and imagined, then add lack of money from no work, then top that emotional roller coaster that wevcan't even go into our grocery store and buy a fricken roll of TP for sh¿|$ sake, I think you get it, lol, realistically its gonna be a crazy couple months, gonna get worse before we see the end of the tunnel for sure.
    Take Care. "Stay Home = Stay Well"
    Paula in Montana