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The Best Gifts for Science Nerds and Geeks

Pipette tip earrings

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: ScienceKitty)

Any scientist who works in a lab will tell you: plastic pipette tips are one of the most essential supplies for any experiment. Pay tribute to these tiny lab bench heroes with these elegant pipette tip earrings made with colorful glass beads and real (unused) pipette tips. They're the perfect gift for the pipetting professional in your life.

Available from Etsy seller ScienceKitty's, starting at $12.50 a pair. 

Arteries necklace

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: Chain Of Being)

This necklace is the perfect gift for the anatomy enthusiast in your life. Jewelry makers Laura and Jeremy, who own Chain of Being, dedicated this necklace to medical professionals. In a creepy but beautiful manner, they've made sure the red beaded arteries circling the neck are anatomically correct. The artery necklace is made to order and priced at $95.50.

Find more of Chain of Being's science and space-inspired jewelry at their website or Etsy shop.

Radioactive elements glowing coasters

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: ThinkGeek)

For the Marie Curie fans and pure chemistry lovers, these radioactive coasters are sure to make the evening glow. No, of course they're not actually radioactive, but they each light up with a different neon color when you put your drink on them. Get the set of four, which includes radium, plutonium, uranium and thorium, from ThinkGeek for $19.99. 

Geologic eons mug

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild)

Looking for the best mug of all time? This colorful coffee carrier depicts the 26 eons, epochs and eras of Earth and examples of creatures that lived in the past. Finish slurping your warm beverage and surprise —there's a trilobite fossil print waiting there at the bottom!

Dinosaur t-shirts

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: Permia)

We bet you can't tricera-top these tees. With a detailed and artistic image of the dinosaur on the front and the dinosaur's skeleton on the back, these t-shirts are sure to thrill any paleontologist or dinosaur lover.

Choose from over a dozen species from Permia, starting at $28.

Mitochondria t-shirt

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: Snorgtees)

It's a fact that anyone who ever took a biology class can recall: mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. Biologists are such to get a jolt from celebrating these energy-producing organelles with a snazzy t-shirt, hoodie or tank top from Snorgtees, starting at $20.00.  

Science theme postcards

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: American Science and Surplus)

Do you know someone who likes gravy and bacon, Nikola Tesla and narwhals? Then they're sure to love these quirky post cards, appropriately called, Not Your Grandmother's Postcards. Get this set of 30 unique cards for only the most important messages, from American Science and Surplus for $8.85. 

Graduated beaker mug

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: American Science and Surplus)

If it's not clear yet, coffee and science go hand and hand, making this graduated beaker mug the perfect addition to any science lover's lab or kitchen. Made with borosilicate glass, the beaker comes with a convenient handle and curved lipped for easy sipping. It's available in two sizes — 400 or 1,000 milliliters — from American Science and Surplus, starting at $8.95 each.

50-ft solar balloon

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: American Science and Surplus)

Rather than gifting a plain old mylar balloon that will likely end up in the ocean, consider this impressive and reusable 50-foot solar balloon. All it needs is sunlight to float, demonstrating the concepts of thermodynamics and convection. Take this monster to the park and it's sure to blow some minds.

Find it at American Science and Surplus for $19.95. 

Encased insects

gifts science nerds geeks

(Image credit: American Science and Surplus)

Entomology fans are sure to buzz about these sets of encased insect specimens. Choose from two sets of four real insects sealed up in small acrylic blocks. Set 1 includes a scorpion, giant ant, wasp and a flower bug and set 2 comes with a cricket, locust, yellow leaf beetle and a crab — yes, a crab.

Both sets are available from American Science and Surplus for $13.75 each.