One Conspiracy Theory at a Time: Flat-Earthers Don't Reject Climate Science

Illustration of a flat Earth.
Many flat-Earthers believe the Earth is a disc surrounded by an ice wall. (Image credit: FastMotion/Shutterstock)

One conspiracy theory at a time, folks: Flat-Earthers aren't on board with climate change denial.

A screenshot that appeared on the subreddit r/facepalm on Tuesday (Aug. 28) received more than 39,000 upvotes. In it, someone tweets at the Flat Earth Society's official Twitter handle, "OK. Real Question. But do you guys believe in climate change?"

The Flat Earth Society's account replies, "Certainly. It would be nothing short of irresponsible to question something with so much overwhelming evidence behind it and something that threatens us so directly as a species." [8 Times Flat-Earthers Tried to Challenge Science (and Failed)]

"OK, cool," responded the original tweeter.

The screenshot is real, dating back to a July 25 exchange.

As The Conversation noted in May, Flat Earth Society President Daniel Shenton has said in the past that he accepts the science of human-caused climate change. This makes him a sort of mirror image of certain powerful policy figures in the U.S., The Conversation added, like former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who accepts that the Earth is round but rejects the science demonstrating that humans are responsible for climate change.

One conspiracy theory at a time.

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