Become a Master of Artificial Intelligence with Online Course Bundle (Sponsored)

Complete Machine Learning Bundle
(Image credit: Complete Machine Learning Bundle)

The only thing more valuable than a computer capable of carrying out an important task is a computer capable of teaching itself how to carry out important tasks. With the Complete Machine Learning Bundle (available for only $39), you’ll gain the skills you need to turn your computer into your greatest ally.

This extensive package (spanning 10 courses, 406 lessons, and 63 hours) covers the most essential elements of artificial intelligence and computer programming, and will leave you with a thorough understanding of quantitative trading techniques, statistical analysis, mass data processing, Java, machine learning, and much more.  

You’ll learn how to build sophisticated financial models, manage huge data sets, build predictive algorithms, and even program robots—all for a fraction of the cost this knowledge would run you in a traditional classroom.

Get ahead of the competition and unlock the limitless potential of your computer with the Complete Machine Learning Bundle for only $39—95% off its regular price.

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