Gallery: Jaw-Dropping Images of Life Under the Sea

Dahlia anemone

Dahlia anemone off the coast of Scotland.

(Image credit: Charles Erb/UPY 2017)

"The site where I took this image, West Harker near Eyemouth in Scotland, is home to many large and colorful Dahlia anemones," said photographer Charles Erb. "I particularly liked this specimen, which made a lovely contrast with the green water. I did not notice the shrimp which was hiding under the skirt of the anemone until after I had taken the image." Erb's image earned a Commended award in the British Waters Compact category

Scottish Fireworks Anemone

Underwater image of Scottish fireworks anemone.

(Image credit: Simon Yates/UPY 2017)

"I had seen images of fireworks anemones (Pachycerianthus multiplicatus) taken by other photographers previously and wanted to find and photograph them myself," said photographer Simon Yates, who was diving at Loch Duich off the coast of Scotland. Previous dives were a little frustrating as I hadn't quite realized that these are found in quite deep and dark water, with the best subjects being at 25 meters or more. This together with a very soft silty bottom presented quite a challenge to get a well lit image. I am particularly pleased with the 'glow' at the centre on the subject."

Yates won the British Waters Compact category for the resulting shot.

Jeanna Bryner
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