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Best Science Gifts for Kids

Let's Experiment!

Rasperberry Pi, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: Piper)

Elementary-age kids love to ask questions, so why not stoke their curiosity with some stellar gifts? Help them piece together gadgets, solve puzzles and peer at magnified creatures with these cool gifts that will keep them entertained year-round.

Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: ThinkFun)

It's time to solve brainteasers about Sassy, Ginger and Mr. Mittens with the Cat Crimes, Who's to Blame Logic Game. Players use critical reasoning and logical deduction skills as they solve the 40 increasingly difficult challenges about the furry friends. The kids will race to figure out the final order and placement of the cats around the dinner table. (Recommended ages: 8+)

IQ Builder

IQ Builder, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: IQ Builder)

Kids will dive into the building materials provided by IQ Builder, a kit that empowers them to build all kinds of contraptions. With three instructional e-books for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners, kids will learn how to create simple shapes and patterns as well as large and complex models and structures. (Recommended ages: 3 to 10)

Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

Grow 'n Glow Terrarium, kids educational toys and games

(Image credit: Creativity for Kids)

Get your kid's green thumb started by having them grow a spectacular garden with chia and wheat grass seeds using the Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium - Science Kit for Kids. Your little gardener can decorate, plant and water these plants as they learn about the plant life cycle in less than a week. (Recommended ages: 6+)

Electronic Smart House

Electronic Smart House, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: SmartLab Toys)

Forget about conventional dollshouses. This 62-piece Electronic Smart House will help kids learn about how to construct and wire a miniature abode with all kinds of gadgets, including motion sensors, lights, trapdoors and elevators. An illustrated activity book will give your budding architect construction ideas as well as 20 projects to complete.

Soap Science Kit

Soap Science Kit, kids education

(Image credit: Klutz)

Have your kids ever wondered how that bar of soap came to be? Now, they can get to the bottom of that mystery by melting and molding up to 10 soap bars from scratch. Each bar can be made unique with different combinations of molds, colors, fragrances, stickers and skin-safe glitter. The kit even comes with a book of experiments. (Recommended ages: 6+)

Bernoulli balloon

Bernoulli balloon, kids education games toys

(Image credit: Tedco Toys)

Just add sunlight to this 50-foot-long (15.2 meters) balloon so you and your little scientist can learn about buoyancy, convection, thermodynamics and the sun's power. The balloon is 29 inches (74 centimeters) in diameter and comes with 400 feet (122 m) of string (it flies as high as a rooftop!) and a guide book.


Microscope, kids education toys games

(Image credit: Omano)

Kids will get a kick out spying on tiny nuggets — including bacteria, fungi and cell tissues with this easy-to-use microscope. They can focus with 40x, 100x and 400x lenses to get the real scoop on the smaller details of this world. The kit comes with a dust cover, manual, AC/DC converter, three AA batteries, five blank and five prepared slides.

Dot Creativity Kit Robot

Dot Creativity Kit Robot, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: Wonder Workshop)

Meet Dot: a clever robot loaded with sensors that will entertain your kid for hours. Dot comes with 20 project cards with games including Duck, Duck, Goose and Hot Potato. Use accessories to make a mood lamp and code a personal room sentry to guard against intruders. Dot's games work with iOS, Android and Kindle mobile devices. (Recommended ages: 6+)

Rasperberry Pi

Rasperberry Pi, kids educational toys games

(Image credit: Piper)

The Piper Computer Kit helps kids learn how to build, code and create. After they build their computer, they can play a puzzle-solving games and then build physical gadgets to hack the games. (Recommended ages: 7 to 12)


Virulence, kids educational games toys

(Image credit: Genius Games)

This infectious card game invites players to take on the role of viruses. Each person competes to infect a host cell so that they can replicate their own viral components and gain points. This can also spark a philosophical discussion: Are viruses alive? (Recommended ages: 8+)