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The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

Each week we uncover the most interesting and informative articles from around the world, here are some of the coolest stories in science this week.

An Error

A NASA illustration shows what a system containing a black hole and a star might look like. (Image credit: NASA / CXC / M. Weiss)

A straightforward error in analysis undermines the entire paper. It just wasn't that big. [Read more about the debacle.]

Early, Odd Flu Season

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Flu season has arrived in the United States, and it's off to a strange start. [Read more about the news.]

Evidence of Damage

Using data from sonar, researchers created the first map of an underwater nuclear "battlefield" in Bikini Atoll. (Image credit: Arthur Trembanis)

"It seemed as if Captain Marvel herself had punched the planet." [Read more about the scars.]

Ancient Customs Revealed

This woman, who was between age 20-29 at time of death, was found buried with a head cone made of beeswax. She lived more than 3,300 years ago and was buried in a cemetery at the site of Amarna in Egypt. (Image credit: Amarna Project)

Archaeologists have uncovered two ancient Egyptian burials holding bodies wearing head cones, the first physical evidence of the practice. [Read more about the practice.]

Strange Pits

(Image credit: Copyright MBARI (ONE-TIME USE))

The hole truth hints at ancient instability in the ocean bottom. [Read more about the marks.]

Suicidal, Trash-loving Robot

An artist's rendering shows the ClearSpace-1 satellite using its robotic arms to capture the conical piece of space debris called Vespa. (Image credit: ClearSpace)

The ESA has announced a mission to launch a four-armed robot to grab a single piece of space junk and drag it into the atmosphere. [Read more about the machine.]

Big Ol' Home

(Image credit: European Souther Observatory)

We live in a very big house, but we can't see most of it. [Read more about discovery.]

Primitive Art

One of the stones uncovered in Finstown, Orkney that resembles a human form. (Image credit:

Archaeologists discovered nine mysterious stone-carved objects scattered around an ancient hearth. [Read more about the carvings.]

Strange Creatures

Penis fish in the lab

(Image credit: Edward Norton/Getty )

A "penis fish" is neither a penis nor a fish. (Discuss.) [Read more about the creature.]

Skilled, Supernatural Hunters?

This therianthrope, showing a human figure with a tail, is part of the hunting scene found in cave art in Leang Bulu' Sipong in Indonesia.

This therianthrope, showing a human figure with a tail, is part of the hunting scene found in cave art in Leang Bulu' Sipong in Indonesia. (Image credit: Ratno Sardi)

Researchers have discovered humanity's oldest cave art. The paintings depict a hunting scene with what may be part-animal, part-human figures. [Read more about the art.]

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