List of Most Popular Baby Names and State of Origin

A new visualization reveals how single baby names propagate across the United States based on its prevalence in each state. The data goes back to the 1900s to present and includes more than 29,000 baby names.

"In fact, what is most interesting is to see how some names are popular in a specific geographic region while others are more broadly popular. Presumably the way names spread are governed by demographics, technology, and media," Brian Lee Yung Rowe writes on his blog, Cartesian Faith.

The following numbers reflect high points for today's most popular baby names, with the year and state when and where they first reached the highest proportions of all names. [Read full story on baby names spreading across U.S.]

Top Names for Boys in 2012:

1. Jacob: Alaska, 1917

2. Mason: South Dakota, 1996

3. Ethan: Vermont, 1990

4. Noah: North Dakota, 1996

5. William: Nevada, 1910

6. Liam: New Hampshire, 2009

7. Jayden: New York (and other East Coast states), 2007

8. Michael: Nevada, 1945

9. Alexander: Minnesota (and other Midwestern states), 1990s

10. Aiden: Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine, 2005

Top 10 Names for Girls in 2012:

1. Sophia: New Hampshire, 2011

2. Emma: Nevada, 2010

3. Isabella: Rhode Island, 2006

4. Olivia: Vermont, 1995

5. Ava: Midwest, 2005

6. Emily: Nevada, 1978

7. Abigail: Nevada, 1917

8. Mia: New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, 2006

9. Madison: North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, 2000

10. Elizabeth: Alaska, 1911

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