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Original Apple-1 Computer Auctioned for $387,750

Apple-1 Computer
This Apple-1 computer was sold for $387,750 during an online auction handled by Christie's. (Image credit: Christie's)

An original Apple computer — one of the first 25 that were hand-built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — was recently sold for $387,750. The Apple-1 computer, assembled in 1976, is inscribed with the serial number 01-0025, along with Wozniak's signature, "Woz," in black ink, according to Christie's, which handled the online sale.

Beginning in 1976, the Apple Computer Company (now known as Apple Inc.) produced approximately 200 Apple-1 computers. The devices, which were designed by Wozniak and hand-built in Steve Jobs' parents' garage, were originally sold for $666.66.

The recently sold Apple-1 is in working condition, but does feature scratches, faded coloration and general signs of age, according to Christie's. The computer was one of several vintage tech products sold online by the auction house.

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