Gallery: Brazil's Vanishing Birds

Channel Billed Toucan

Channel Billed Toucan

(Image credit: Lindolfo Souto)

The Channel Billed Toucan is one of several large, fruit-eating species in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest that helps disperse large seeds over wide distances by swallowing them and then excreting them elsewhere. As these birds vanish, trees are evolving smaller seeds, according to research published May 31, 2013 in the journal Science.

Yellow-Legged Thrush

Yellow-Legged Thrush in Brazil

(Image credit: Lindolfo Souto)

The Yellow-Legged Thrush (Turdus flavipes) replaces toucans and other birds as the main seed disperser in some areas of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The thrushes are too small to swallow large palm tree seeds.

Rainforest Thrush

Yellow Legged Thrush in Brazil

(Image credit: Lindolfo Souto)

A Yellow-Legged Thrush eats fruits from a palm tree. These small-beaked birds eat and disperse only small seeds.


Toucanet eating palm fruit

(Image credit: Edson Endrigo)

A toucanet eats a palm fruit in Brazil's Atlantic forest. Toucanets, like toucans and other large birds, disperse big seeds over wide distances.

Piping Guan

Piping guan in Atlantic Forest

(Image credit: Edson Endrigo)

The piping guan or jacutinga is the largest avian bird in the Atlantic Forest.

Palm Fruit

Palm seeds and fruits

(Image credit: Marina Cortes)

Palm fruit (left) and seeds from Euterpe edulis. Palm seeds vary widely in size.

Palm Tree

Palm in Atlantic Forest of Brazil

(Image credit: Mauro Galetti)

The palm (Euterpe edulis) relies on birds to disperse its seeds.

Atlantic Rainforest

Atlantic rainforest scene

(Image credit: Pedro Jordano)

The Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil.

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