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Spray Aids Premature Ejaculation

A study of 300 European men who had been diagnosed with premature ejaculation problems found help with a topical spray in a clinical trial.

For the record, a study last year found that premature ejaculation has a genetic component and is not all in the person's head. Also for the record, good sex typically lasts 13 minutes or less, not counting foreplay, according to a survey of experts last year.

Not everyone is so lucky. The test subjects in the new study were done on average in 0.6 minutes coming into the test. We're not statisticians, but we think that can be converted to mere seconds.

Those who used the spray delayed ejaculation to 3.8 minutes. Interestingly, those on a placebo spray got a rise out of the treatment, too, delaying things to just more than 1 minute.

All that said, this was a clinical trial, so the spray is not assured of ever getting to market. It's worth noting one of the most common side effects reported in the study: a burning sensation in the vagina.

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