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Look! Up in the Sky! A History of Recent UFO 'Sightings'

(Image: © April 30th 2011 - UFOs pause and reverse direction. Ed Grimsley's UFO Nightvision)

Ever since the first UFO sighting back in 1947, people have been turning bright streaks, floating orbs and strange sets of lights in the sky into proof that we're being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Here, a list of some of our favorite UFO sightings, starting with that original report of a flying saucer that wasn't .

  • Does this video show proof of UFO battles ? Not likely, but wouldn't that be cool?
  • This one is great. According to some military documents, a 1968 UFO sighting raised questions over whether aliens might have tried to detonate our own nuclear warheads .

  • If it's not a UFO, it must be a secret military plane, like these "black triangles."
  • Remember the "alien autopsy"? Here's the story behind that elaborate hoax.