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What Is an Omnivore?

omnivore, meat, plants
Omnivores eat just about everything. (Image credit: Thanksgiving dinner photo via <a href=''>Shutterstock</a>)

Omnivores eat whatever they can get their paws, fins, or sticky fingers on.

Pigs, raccoons, and other omnivores are opportunists and will munch on a meal of meat or plants. Mockingbirds vary their diet from berries to insects.

Unlike herbivore stomachs, omnivores aren’t as well suited for digesting all kinds of plants. However, their stomachs are usually more complicated than a carnivore’s.

Paleontologists often look at dinosaur teeth to determine what the creatures preferred to eat. If the dentures aren’t distinctly herbivorous molars or carnivorous canines, that suggests the dinosaur was an omnivore.

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