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How Much Spit Does a Person Produce?

Girl spitting in pool
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Our salivary glands, which are located on the inside of each cheek, at the bottom of the mouth and under the jaw at the front of the mouth, churn out about 2 to 4 pints (1 to 2 liters) of spit every day.

The mere mention or aroma hint of chocolate chip cookies can make for a mouth full of drool. That's a good thing. The clear substance, made up mostly of water, mixes in with food to help even the driest snack slide with ease down into your stomach. Before those morsels hit the belly, special enzymes in saliva start to break down that food into its simpler components.

Saliva's enzymes also help to fight off infections in your mouth. In addition, the goop cleans the inside of your mouth and teeth, though brushing and flossing are still musts.

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