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Fascinating Images of the Frozen Danube River


Danube River frozen

(Image credit: stromnessdundee/flickr)

A ship moves down the ice choked Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, on Feb. 9, 2012.


Danube River frozen

(Image credit: adambotond/flickr)

Ice floes on the Danube in Budapest, as seen on Feb. 11, 2012.


danube river frozen ships

(Image credit: Katarina/Flickr)

Two ships on the banks of the Danube River in Novi Sad, Serbia, on Feb. 11.


danuge river frozen sunrise

(Image credit: Gregor Seidlhofer/Flickr)

The frozen Danube River on Feb. 11, 2012.


Danube River frozen

(Image credit: Ognjengol/flickr)

A wide shot of the frozen river on Feb. 12, 2012.


Danube River frozen

(Image credit: chris from vienna/flickr)

Ice covers the Danube River in Vienna, Austria, on Feb. 12, 2012, after days and days of freezing temperatures.