Our Daily Planet: Christchurch Earthquake Survivor Search and Mega Droughts

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New Zealand Earthquake: The outlook is grim for survivors of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake that rocked New Zealand's second-largest city, Christchurch. The death toll now stands at 98, with more than 200 hundred still missing, according to news reports. [Related: The Science Behind the New Zealand Quake .]

Fog of Research: Many scientists are saying that they're frustrated at the lack of focus in the BP oil spill research effort. The shortage of money for the huge task isn't helping either, they say.

Coral Concerns: A new look at the world's coral reefs finds that they are in big trouble from overfishing, pollution and warmer and more acidic waters.

Mega-Drought: The Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s was a mere dry spell compared to ancient mega-droughts in U.S. prairie land, a new study found.

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