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Our Daily Planet: Methane Eating Microbes and Bird Deaths

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Methane Diet: The massive amount of methane released during the BP oil spill was almost entirely gobbled up by microbes.

Dalai Lama Seeing Green: The Tibetan spiritual leader wants to focus on combating climate change's impact on the Himalayas.

Louisiana Land Loss: The Bayou State lost 2,300 square miles of coastal wetland and shoreline property over the past 70 years. [Related: 5 Years After Katrina, Louisiana Ecosystems On the Ropes .]

Oh, Snow: Snow is falling across the Northeast today. [Related: Blow-by-Blow: Smowmageddon vs. Christmas Blizzard of 2010 .]

Blame La Nina: The floods in Australia and other recent severe weather can be blamed on a strong La Nina. But is it linked to climate change?

Bird Deaths: Mass bird and fish deaths actually occur quite regularly, say scientists.

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