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It's a Boy! Zoo Atlanta's Panda Cub's Sex Revealed

Hey big boy! Zoo Atlanta's new cub gets a checkup. (Image credit: Zoo Atlanta.)

Zoo Atlanta's new panda cub is a boy and he's finally starting to look like a panda.

The Zoo's veterinary team began examining the cub last week when Lun Lun, the cub's mother, began leaving him for brief periods while she ate and drank. The newborn weighs just over 11 ounces (311 grams).

With each day, the panda cub looks more like a panda. His raw pink flesh has begun sprouting hair and darkening with his species' trademark black saddles on the shoulders and black patches over the eyes, which have yet to open.

Lun Lun, the 13-year-old giant panda female gave birth to the cub, her third, on Nov. 3. The new baby panda is the only giant panda born in the United States in 2010.

It's nap time for the sleepy new panda cub. (Image credit: Zoo Atlanta.)

Lun Lun and the cub will debut to the public sometime in spring 2011. Before then, catch mom and son on the zoo's PandaCam, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT.