Infographic: The Geology of Yellowstone

Geology of Yellowstone Infographic
(Image credit: Karl Tate, Live Science Infographic Artist)

Yellowstone National Park may be one of the nation's most well-known landmarks and is one of the most visited national parks in the country.

The unique geology of the park is part of what makes it such a big draw for tourists; in particular, the many hot springs and geysers that dot the park are the most famous features of Yellowstone.

OurAmazingPlanet takes a look at the amazing geology of this natural national treasure and the forces that drive it.

Karl Tate
LiveScience Infographic Artist
Karl has been Purch's infographics specialist across all editorial properties since 2010.  Before joining Purch, Karl spent 11 years at the New York headquarters of The Associated Press, creating news graphics for use around the world in newspapers and on the web.  He has a degree in graphic design from Louisiana State University.