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Photo to Show all 70,000 People at Olympics Opening

Like thousands of other photographers in London right now, Henry Stuart plans to take a high-resolution image of the Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow (July 27). Except Stuart's photo will show enough detail for all 70,000 attendees to see and recognize themselves, the Los Angeles Times' Tech Now blog reports. The final product may be up to 20 gigapixels in size.

At the ceremony, Stuart, who works for Getty Images, will use two cameras and a robotic camera mount that rotates to capture every angle and important moment. Back in his office, he'll use a computer with 32 processing cores and 250 gigabytes of RAM to stitch together the hundreds of snapshots his cameras took. He's careful enough to check whether people's heads or limbs get cut off during the assembly, unlike Google Street View photos

Stuart specializes in 360-degree-view photos, such as this example the Los Angeles Times linked to, but this will be his largest project yet, he said.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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