Gallery: Vivid Science Visualizations

Weld Away

2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

(Image credit: [Image courtesy of Muralitharan Vengadasalam, Ganesh Venkat, Vignesh Palanimuthu, Fabian Herrera and Ashok Maharaja, Tata Consultancy Service)

Developed as a technology demonstrator for National Skills Development of India, "Velu the Welder" follows an apprentice named Velu as he learns the craft. Players can use a Nintendo Wii remote or a mouse to learn welding skills virtually.

Cellular Heros

2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

(Image credit: W. Schneller, P.J. Campell, M. Stenerson, D. Bassham & ES Wurtele, Iowa State University)

In the plot of Meta!Blast 3D, you're a hapless lab worker who has to rescue a team of scientists trapped inside a photosynthetic cell. To make matters worse, an unknown pathogen is decimating Earth's vegetation. Designed for students and educators, this game garnered an honorable mention.

Virtual Body

2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

(Image credit: Jeremy Friedberg (Game designer/producer), Nicole Husain (Content & Writing), Ian Wood (Programming), Genevieve Brydson (Project Management), Wensi Sheng (3D graphics, Compositing/post-production), Lorraine Trecroce (3D graphics, Project Management),)

The final honorable mention in the gaming category goes to "Build-a-Body," a game that lets computer users play surgeon -- without all that messy blood and bile. Drag-and-drop organs and take anatomy quizzes and you'll be ready for the OR in no time.

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