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What the Heck Is This?

This is just part of a larger photo, and even the entire image is a little hard to make out, so I bet this close-up will befuddle a lot of people.

But once you know what it is, you'll go, "Oh, yeah!"

Hint: It's a frightening view from above.

Hint 2: It's a great shot of planet-making in progress.

Okay, here's what scientists say this is: A complex configuration deep within the vent cavity in Halema`uma`u crater on Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano. I'll say!

On the right side of the full image (below) you'll see lava pouring into the "complex configuration," spilling from a small cliff into this lava lake. Not a place you want to visit.

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Lava flows off a small cliff and into a lava lake May 11, 2011 on Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano. (Image credit: USGS)
Robert Roy Britt

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