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Happiest Country Rankings

In a study published in April in the journal Politics and Policy, researchers ranked 15 industrialized democracies based on the life satisfaction of their citizens.

Using four measures of government size, seen below, the researchers found that countries with larger governments also have the happiest citizens.

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Countries, from most to least satisfiedTax revenue as percent of GDPGovernment consumption as percent of real per capita GDPAverage percent of earnings replaced by unemployment benefitsSocial welfare expenditures as a percent of GDP
1. Norway43.518.43921.6
2. Switzerland29.28.83320.3
3. Finland43.918.73526.1
4. Canada33.413.21216.5
5. Sweden49.522.33929.4
6. The Netherlands38.820.83520.9
7. Great Britain36.317.41221.3
8. Spain35.818.13621.2
9. Australia30.815.72217.1
10. United States27.311.21315.9
11. Japan27.316.3818.6
12. Germany34.815.62426.7
13. Italy40.915.23325
14. France43.920.53929.2
15. South Korea25.510.496.9

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