Infographic: Avoiding Fried Turkey Disaster

fried turkey infographic
Don’t get burned! Essential tips to safely deep-fry that Thanksgiving turkey this year. [See full infographic]

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner for some involves a large pot of hot oil. That's right, a deep-fried turkey. While the sizzling method can mean a quicker time from pot to table, caution must be taken before strapping on your apron. Here's some science to tuck into your apron for safe turkey frying.

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Karl Tate
LiveScience Infographic Artist
Karl has been Purch's infographics specialist across all editorial properties since 2010.  Before joining Purch, Karl spent 11 years at the New York headquarters of The Associated Press, creating news graphics for use around the world in newspapers and on the web.  He has a degree in graphic design from Louisiana State University.