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Jetpacks! Robots! 'Tomorrowland's' Awesome Vision of the Future
Tomorrowland movie still
May 22nd, 2015
If the movie "Tomorrowland" is anything to go by, the future will be filled with jetpacks, flying trains and, of course, evil robots.
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No Humans Needed: Underwater Robots Make Own Decisions
Autonomous underwater robots, robotics
May 12th, 2015
MIT's cognitive seabots are designed to plan autonomously and work together like ... well, like the crew from Star Trek, actually.
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Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arms Can Multitask During Surgery
Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arm
May 15th, 2015
A robotic arm inspired by octopus tentacles could make it easier for surgeons to access hard-to-reach parts of the body.
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How Real-Life AI Rivals 'Terminator': Robots Take the Shot
Terminator Genisys
March 20th, 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on his iconic killer-robot role in July's "Terminator Genisys." While no Skynet-like AI has sent red-eyed robots after humanity, the prospect of weaponized AI has gotten much more likely since the first "Terminator" movie.
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Rehab Exoskeleton is First of Its Kind (Video)
HARMONY rehab exoskeleton
May 20th, 2015
Exoskeletons aren't only for combat — they have potential to help patients recovering from stroke.
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How Do You Learn the Sex Secrets of Birds? Send in the Fembot
May 14th, 2015
In a quest to figure out what makes some male sage grouse so sexy, one scientist has turned to partly taxidermied robots.
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