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Awash in Plastic: Oceans May Hold 250,000 Tons of Trash
trash island
December 10th, 2014
Ocean waters may hold 10 times more garbage than a previous estimate.
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Prenatal Air Pollution Levels Linked to ADHD in Kids
Two children play together with a toy.
November 5th, 2014
Kids may be more likely to develop ADHD if they are exposed to higher levels of air pollution before birth, a new study suggests.
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Underwater Maids: Mussels and Clams Could Mop Up Waterways
California floater mussels
August 20th, 2014
They might not have feather dusters, brooms or even arms and legs, but bivalves — such as clams, mussels and oysters — make good underwater maids, a new study suggests.
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Modern Worldwide Danger Blooms from Ancient Bacteria
Toxic bloom in Lake Taihu, China
December 9th, 2014
Research results will have implications for many other lakes in the U.S. and around the world that are also experiencing toxic blooms.
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China Won't Breathe Easy Until Port Pollution Solved (Op-Ed)
shipping and dolphin
October 28th, 2014
China is taking initial steps to control emissions from ports and shipping — an important new flank in that nation's war on pollution.
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The Deep Ocean Traps Mercury, Study Finds
A McLane pump being deployed from R/V Thompson during the West Pacific GEOTRACES cruise in 2013 helped researchers gather small particles of organic matter to which mercury attaches and sinks to intermediate depths (100 to 1,000 meters) in the ocean.
August 6th, 2014
An international team of scientists has announced a breakthrough in understanding how toxic mercury disperses in the ocean.
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Broccoli Brew Eases Air Pollution Effect, But Is This Detox?
Broccoli sprouts
June 27th, 2014
A broccoli concoction showed promise in a recent study in fighting one harmful effect of air pollution, but that doesn't mean that broccoli can "detox" the body.
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Watch Carbon Pollution Spread Across the Planet
NASA model
November 18th, 2014
A striking new video from NASA reveals how the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide spreads across Earth in a single year.
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To Eliminate River Sludge, Modern Tech Is Key (Video)
Altamaha river pollution
August 27th, 2014
After 60 years, will technology and a lawsuit finally bring clear waters to Georgia's Altamaha river?
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Dust In Your Eye? Particulate Matter Seen from Space
aerosol, pollution, smoke, fire, dust storm, astmosphere
July 31st, 2014
A recent map of fine atmospheric particles called aerosols reveals how fires and dust can inject particles high into the atmosphere.
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