Exploration and Explorers

For as long as humans have been around, it seems we've been exploring our world, from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Famous explorers like Neil Armstrong and Roald Amundsen have braved the frontiers of space and the frozen Antarctic continent. While the explorers of the past are often the most well-known and celebrated, the exploration of our world continues today, charting unknown deep sea communities and pristine jungles. Read below for the latest news on current expeditions to see what we're learning about our planet today.
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Sunken Pirate Ship from Explorer Vasco da Gama's Fleet Discovered
Doomed Ship
March 23rd, 2016
A sunken ship from Vasco da Gama's fleet has been found off the coast of present-day Oman.
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Finding the Strength to Reach the Ocean's Furthest Depths
Syntactic foam image
May 3rd, 2014
How do labs design the super foams that enable submarine exploration at the deepest depths?
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Is There About to be a Dash for Antarctica's Resources? (Op-Ed)
A sundog in Antarctica
March 18th, 2014
Few places have captured the human imagination like Antarctica.
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