Expert Voices: The Humane Society of the United States

Wayne Pacelle is the president and chief executive officer of The Humane Society of the United States. During his tenure, he has spurred major growth for the organization, which is now the nation's largest animal protection organization. Under Pacelle's leadership, The HSUS is rated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator, approved by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance for all 20 standards for charity accountability, voted by Guidestar's Philanthropedia experts as the No. 1 high-impact animal protection group, named by Worth Magazine as one of the 10 most fiscally responsible charities, and is ranked in the top 10 for nonprofit brands. He is also the founder of Humane USA, the non-partisan political arm of the animal protection movement, and the founder of The Humane Society Legislative Fund, a 501 c 4, social welfare organization that lobbies for animal welfare legislation and works to elect humane-minded candidates to public office. Pacelle's book, The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them, is a New York Times best-seller. He also blogs at A Humane Nation, where he covers the latest news and insights into our relationship with animals, and keeps readers informed about efforts to protect them. For more information visit
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Latest Articles

My Horse's Death and the Life of a 'Tennessee Walker' (Op-Ed)
soring, horses, Corrin Zumwalt, Major
April 8th, 2014
Soring is torture, and it has no place in horse training.
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Ellen's Oscar Tweet Turns into Huge Charity Gift (Op-Ed)
Twitter, Ellen Degeneres,  Oscars
March 6th, 2014
When Ellen Tweeted her super-selfie, it triggered a huge charity response.
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Sochi Mass Killing Street Dogs in Olympics 'Cleansing' (Op-Ed)
February 6th, 2014
Despite a promise not to, Sochi is now methodically killing its street dogs.
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Shelter Pets Reaching Out to Touch Someone (Op-Ed)
shelter pets, schnauzer, hsus
April 1st, 2014
Shelter pet numbers are falling, but are still nearly 3 million too high.
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Extreme Abuse of Calves Leads to Immediate Shuttering of N.J. Slaughterhouse (Op-Ed)
Angus calf in a pasture
February 19th, 2014
Calves deserve the same humane protections as cows and bulls.
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Super Bowl Ads Symbolize A Positive Cultural Shift for Animals (Op-Ed)
doberhuahua, compromise, Audi, Super bowl 2014 commercials
January 31st, 2014
The Super Bowl, horses, Doberhuahuas, and the power of positive messages.
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This Holiday Season, Consumers Demand Humanely Raised Food (Op-Ed)
Long Thanksgiving weekend remains a U.S. tradition, but some must work
December 20th, 2013
This Holiday Season, have some food for thought.
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Modern Family (Planning) for Animals (Op-Ed)
A small dog in a harness looks eagerly into the distance.
March 20th, 2014
As animal sterilizations pick up, euthanasia rates are plummeting.
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Protect and Serve — Including the Animals (Op-Ed)
February 18th, 2014
Law enforcement and animal rights go hand in hand.
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Advocates for Humane Treatment Welcome Scrutiny, If It's Honest (Op-Ed)
cat and dog
January 29th, 2014
Animal advocacy can be controversial, but the conversation needs to be open and honest on all sides.
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