Endangered Species Archive
21 January 2014, 11:06 AM ET
Scientists have discovered a new species of toad that had been hiding on Peru's forest floors with a body camouflaged to look like dead leaves. A lack of eardrums separates it from its close relatives.
17 January 2014, 06:39 PM ET
Is it ever right to kill for conservation?
14 January 2014, 07:01 PM ET
The humble dingo has become something of a scapegoat since its arrival in Australia just 4000 years ago.
10 January 2014, 01:58 PM ET
Raven populations have shot up 300 percent in the last 40 years in the American West, and a new study suggests power poles and other human structures are to blame.
08 January 2014, 05:00 PM ET
Lions in West Africa are on the brink of extinction, with less than 250 adults left living in four isolated pockets, new research suggests.
06 January 2014, 12:58 PM ET
In a ceremony today (Jan. 6), China destroyed 6 tons of its stockpile of illegally traded ivory, part of what experts see as a trend in crackdowns on poaching in the country.
03 January 2014, 05:02 PM ET
China will destroy ivory and other wildlife products confiscated from illegal trade on Monday (Jan. 6).
27 December 2013, 11:11 AM ET
Every year, scientists add to our knowledge of the wide variety of species that live on Earth. Here, LiveScience looks at 13 amazing species announced in 2013.
19 December 2013, 01:40 PM ET
How many elephants are there in Africa? A new mission will count elephants in 22 countries throughout Africa, the largest effort of its kind.
18 December 2013, 03:59 PM ET
Remember the environment even in your most intimate moments with free endangered species condoms, handed out by the Center for Biological Diversity to raise awareness of population growth.
12 December 2013, 03:44 PM ET
A new federal report suggests that grizzly bears around Yellowstone National Park are not threatened by the loss of a major food source, but outside scientists vociferously criticize the report's science.
04 December 2013, 06:06 PM ET
Critically endangered, and with fewer than 50 left in the wild, it is justifiably one of Australia’s most well-known endangered species.
26 November 2013, 03:35 PM ET
A critter cam in northeast China has spotted a female Amur leopard with two little cubs, the first example of the critically endangered cat breeding in China.
26 November 2013, 03:30 PM ET
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has updated its "Red List" of threatened species, with good news for some creatures, including two kinds of albatross, but bad news for others, such as the okapi.
26 November 2013, 02:10 PM ET
A female Amur Leopard was spotted on a conservation cam with two baby cubs in China. The sighting is the first example of breeding by the critically endangered species in China.
26 November 2013, 02:03 PM ET
A female Amur leopard was spotted on a conservation cam with two baby cubs in China. The sighting is the first example of breeding by the critically endangered species in China.
22 November 2013, 07:47 PM ET
Endangered status cannot come too soon for the pinto abalone.
22 November 2013, 07:23 AM ET
The United Nations projects there will be 11 billion people by 2100. Here's what that news means for the Earth's animals — and it's not good news.
22 November 2013, 07:22 AM ET
Rising populations spell trouble for biodiversity. Here are 7 animals that humans are pushing toward extinction through hunting and habitat loss.
20 November 2013, 05:01 PM ET
Bizarrely, male Darwin frogs raise young in their vocal sacks. But one of the two species is likely extinct and the other is in decline. The reason? A fungus that has spread and is hurting amphibian populations worldwide.
20 November 2013, 08:01 AM ET
Conservationists are handing out fake leopard-print skins to people in a community in South Africa. The goal is to reduce poaching by lowering demand for real leopard skins.
19 November 2013, 07:49 AM ET
The United Nations estimates that 11 billion people will live on Earth by 2100, faster than previously predicted. Here's what that means for food security, water supplies, disease outbreaks, Earth's animals and other issues/
13 November 2013, 11:35 AM ET
One of the most secretive creatures on Earth — the saola — has been photographed in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years. The elusive creature has rarely been seen in the wild, earning it the nickname the "Asian unicorn."
06 November 2013, 03:56 PM ET
The polar bear is one of five species whose extinction risk is actually a myth.
06 November 2013, 12:32 PM ET
An elusive North Pacific right whale was spotted in the waters off Victoria, Canada in late October. This is the second sighting this season, the last happened 62 years ago.
04 November 2013, 05:00 PM ET
A bay cat, a rare animal found on the tropical island of Borneo, has been spotted by camera traps in a logged section of the rainforest, where it wasn't expected to be seen.
31 October 2013, 11:10 AM ET
Meet the flying fox, the world's largest and least studied bat. One species in the western Pacific Ocean has now been studied for the first time in the wild, revealing some of the first details of how it eats and breeds.
25 October 2013, 11:22 AM ET
The reign of the noble lion may be coming to a close in parts of Uganda, suggests a new study. The cause? Poisoning by local ranchers, whose livestock are frequently killed by lions, and other human-related conflicts.
24 October 2013, 12:28 PM ET
The eastern Steller sea lion, which roams the West Coast between Alaska and California, has been taken off the U.S. endangered species list after a major population comeback over the last several years.
15 October 2013, 08:42 AM ET
The giant panda, Tian Tian, seems to have miscarried after weeks of showing signs of being in late-term pregnancy, Edinburgh Zoo officials said today (Oct. 15).
04 October 2013, 02:29 PM ET
The Pinocchio lizard has a long protuberance from its nose and is one of the rarest reptiles in Ecuador, once thought to be extinct. But a team has found and photographed the lizard after searching for three years.
02 October 2013, 10:18 PM ET
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to drop gray wolves from the nation's list of threatened and endangered species. Critics argue that the proposal is premature and are fighting to continue protections for the controversial predator.
23 September 2013, 11:46 AM ET
More than 600 rhinos have been killed in South Africa this year, a worrisome trend that is puzzling conservationists.
11 September 2013, 06:07 PM ET
It is not too late to save the snow leopard.
05 September 2013, 12:00 PM ET
Coral reefs, which depend on symbiotic algae for their food, expel that algae in a process called bleaching when they are stressed by heat and other triggers. A new study shows that the sun doesn't need to be shining for this to happen.
03 September 2013, 09:54 AM ET
The growth in the population of Yellowstone's grizzly bears, once robust, has stagnated in recent years. Scientists are temporarily trapping the bears to study them and figure out what's behind the trend.