Earth's Seasons

Earth's seasons — winter, spring, summer and autumn(or fall) — are caused by the yearly revolution of the Earth in its orbit around the sun and the planet's tilt. When the Northern Hemisphere is pointed toward the sun, it is summer, and when it is pointed away, it is winter (and vice versa for the Southern Hemisphere). Summer and winter are heralded by their respective solstices, while spring and fall begin at an equinox, when the sun crosses Earth's equator and night day are roughly equal length. Below, our stories that relate to Earth's seasons and the ways they affect us.
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Why 2016 Will Have the Earliest Spring Equinox Since 1896
Flowers bloom in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
March 19th, 2016
If you're ready to see blooming flowers and sunny skies, it may help to know that this year's spring equinox will be the earliest to arrive in 120 years, largely because of an old rule governing leap years, experts said.
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Are Sports Drinks Better or Worse Than Water?
April 25th, 2016
Many sports drinks tout a long list of vitamins and electrolytes on their labels, but are these drinks really better than plain old water?
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Grilling Danger: Wire Brushes Cause Injuries, Doctors Warn
Sausages and hot dogs, on a grill
April 4th, 2016
Before you start grilling this summer, you should probably take a close look at your grill brush; doctors are warning about rare but serious injuries tied to the cleaning tools.
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Groundhogs on the Menu? The Wild History of Punxsutawney Phil
Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog.
February 1st, 2016
Punxsutawney Phil may not know it, but groundhogs were part of the menu on Groundhog Day in the late 1800s.
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Polar Vortex to Slam East Coast with Frigid Weather This Valentine's Day
US weather map 2016
February 12th, 2016
This Valentine's Day, some couples may have to cuddle up for warmth as the polar vortex moves south, bringing an icy blast and the coldest temperatures of the season to the northeastern United States this weekend, meteorologists say.
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