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Bacteria in Wine May Bring Health Benefits
A wine glass is shown closeup.
September 25th, 2014
There are bacteria in wine, but could these bacteria be probiotics, which are good for your health? A new study suggests yes.
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World's Oldest Wine Cellar Fueled Palatial Parties
Wine jugs in situ
August 27th, 2014
An archaeological excavation at a Bronze Age palace in modern-day Israel revealed an astonishingly intact ancient wine cellar. A chemical analysis of residue from the jars showed that the wine had traces of pine resin, honey, mint and juniper.
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Americans' Favorite Adult Beverage Is …
July 24th, 2014
A new Gallup poll found that beer is the most popular alcohol in the United States, though more women still prefer a glass of wine over a pint.
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Is Booze Tasty, or Bitter? Your Genes Decide
A man smells a glass of wine before tasting it.
September 23rd, 2014
Whether you find the taste of alcohol to be pleasant, or bitter and stinging is partly decided by your genes, new research shows.
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Hangovers Are About Half Genetic
Three women toast with their drinks.
August 22nd, 2014
Genetics plays a big role in how susceptible people are to hangovers, a new study finds.
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Is Climate Change Ruining Wine Corks?
July 21st, 2014
Cork quality has been declining for years, and scientists think it may be from cork oak trees adapting to climate change.
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Drug Use Linked with Brain Differences in Teens
Human Brain
June 13th, 2014
Teens who have used drugs even just once in their lives have brain characteristics that are different from those who have never used drugs, a new study finds.
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Birthday Binging Linked to More Hospital Admissions
drinking alcohol hospital disorder
July 29th, 2014
A new study found that binge drinking landed more Canadian adolescents in the hospital for alcohol-related incidents during their birthday weeks than any other time of the year.
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Adding Energy Drinks to Alcohol Boosts Urge to Drink
Mixed drinks sit on a bar.
July 17th, 2014
People feel a stronger urge to drink more alcohol when their drink contains an energy drink, along with alcohol, a new study finds.
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