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Arizona Wildfire Smoke Reaches Midwest
Credit: NASA

Wildfires continue to rage in Arizona, with high winds and low humidity fueling the blazes.

Those winds have also blown the smoke eastward from New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, where it hovered in this June 5 image.

The thick smoke in this image was only part of the smoky haze plaguing the continental United States in early June. According to the U.S. Air Quality "Smog Blog," smoke from fires in Arizona and New Mexico extended through Kansas and into to the Great Lakes region.The fires affected air quality in large areas east of the Rocky Mountains, with mid-Atlantic states experiencing air quality levels classified as unhealthy for sensitive groups.

By the end of the day, the fire had burned 311,481 acres (487 square miles), up 77,959 acres (122 square miles) from the previous day.