Shark Tank Explodes onto Shoppers
Shoppers flee in terror as a shark tank bursts at a mall in China.
Credit: Daily News

An aquarium filled with sharks and other sea life burst at a shopping center in Shanghai, China, pouring 33 tons of water onto people in the mall. A security camera captured the Dec. 18 accident on video.

Sixteen people were injured as jagged shards of 6-inch (15 centimeters) glass exploded onto the scene, according to the Daily News. Most victims suffered cuts from the broken glass, while one person also suffered a broken ankle.

Countless fish, including three lemon sharks, were killed, as were dozens of turtles.

"It was horrible, like a bomb explosion," one mall employee said, as reported in the Daily News. The video, which can be viewed here, shows one man swept back several feet as the wall of glass burst without warning.

Some reports blamed shoddy construction: A broken water pipe in the display killed three sharks in the 2-year-old shark tank earlier this year, according to the Daily News.

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