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The Battle of Anghiari

Credit: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
An engineer by training and now an expert in art diagnostics, Maurizio Seracini has been searching for more than 30 years for Leonardo da Vinci's "The…Read More »

Battle of Anghiari," which commemorates the 1440 victory of the battle on the plain of Anghiari between Milan and the Italian League led by the Republic of Florence; da Vinci painted it in the Palazzo Vecchio's Hall of the 500 (the town hall in Florence) in 1503. It was thought to have been destroyed when Giorgio Vasari remodeled the hall. Vasari had painted six new murals over the east and west walls of the hall. Now with an endoscope and various technologies, researchers have found evidence of what could be the painting hidden behind Vasari's mural.    Less «
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