Gallery: Spooky Spiders

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East African Jumping Spider

Credit: Fiona Cross
Spiders, which are an order of the group Arachnida, have some amazing talents, from building massive webs to eating bats (yes, some spiders have been found…Read More »

devouring bats). Evarcha culicivora, which lives in the Lake Victoria region of East Africa, is no exception. Though small, spanning just 5 millimeters in body length, the spider has some outsized abilities, using both its superb eyesight and olfactory abilities to find its preferred prey — Anopheles mosquitoes. This jumping spider may be the only known predator to specifically target blood-filled mosquitoes as its prey, said spider biologist Fiona Cross at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Click on for more photos of amazing spiders.   Less «
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