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Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kits

Greenery on a small scale is possible with a ready-to-grow bonsai tree kit. Featuring all you need to root and nurture your seedlings, these sets make planting easy.

(Image: © Nature's Blossom)

You can mature beautiful miniaturized trees with the help of a bonsai tree growing kit. Including everything your need from seeds to soil, these sets compile the necessary tools to raise seedlings into fully-grown trees (which are actually quite tiny). You can partake in this ancient art, first by nurturing these small trees and then interpreting their form and design. To embark on your bonsai journey, we've compiled a list of the best kits.

Staff Pick

(Image credit: Amazon)

Planter's Choice Bonsai Starter Kit

Beautiful bonsai variety in an easy everything set

Pot the beginning of your bonsai forest with this from-the-earth starter kit. You'll root these tiny trees with everything from seed to soil. The bonsai options are diverse; this set features seeds of four species: Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree. All seeds are organic and stored in seed-safe vials to ensure germination success. You can raise four tiny trees with the soil disks, bamboo plant markers, and biodegradable pots provided. This set also includes an instruction booklet and clippers.

Great Gift

(Image credit: Garden Republic)

Garden Republic Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Essential grow kit in a handsome wooden box

Get the greenery growing with this beautifully-boxed bonsai starter kit. Inside the gift-worthy wooden box are the supplies to begin a bonsai nursery. Four unique types of bonsai seeds are included: Brazilian Rosewood, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Flame Tree, and Black Spruce. Seeds can be nurtured with the four provided burlap pots, potting mix pods, bamboo plant markers, and instruction booklet. The wooden gift box even doubles a handy planter to keep track of growing seedlings. A trimmer tool is also included to prune trees as they mature.


(Image credit: Perfect Plants)

Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

Five years-worth of soil-enriching fertlizier

You want to keep your bonsai tree healthy and fed, so introducing the right fertilizer is important. The fertilizer pellets by Perfect Plants are formulated to nourish your tree for a full year. One soil application of the slow-release fertilizer every twelve months will offer the necessary nutrients to keep your tree happy. The 5-ounce bag includes five-years worth of fertilizer. 

Gardening Tools

(Image credit: Amazon)

ZELAR MADE Bonsai 8-Piece Tool Set

Miniature gardening tools, perfect for growing bonsais

Pot and prune your growing bonsai with the right tools included in this useful set. You'll care for your tiny tree with the proper petite tools, everything from planting to pruning essentials. This set includes three pruning scissors, folding scissors, two spades, tweezers, and a rake. These bonsai-friendly tools are durable and ready for detailed gardening. A leather storage bag keeps the tools organized until you need them.

Get growing

Begin your bonsai tree collection with an all-in-one growing kit. These comprehensive sets offer the bonsai basics to grow your tree from the ground up. Before your little trees can be molded into the fluid, twisted beauty of a mature plant, you have to begin with the essentials. Our staff pick is the Planter's Choice Bonsai Starter Kit because it includes four types of bonsai trees and the supplies to support their growth. The nurturing essentials for each future tree include compressed soil disks, plant markers, and pots.

If you're looking for a kit with a little something extra, the Garden Republic Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit is the perfect gift-ready set. Each bonsai essential is housed in a lovely wooden box (that doubles as a planter). The growing kit features four types of seeds (Brazilian Rosewood, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Flame Tree, and Black Spruce), burlap pots, potting mix pods, bamboo plant markers, and an instruction book.